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    • Rules:
      1. Swearing/Insulting: Vortigaunts in Half-Life 2 were never seen swearing or insulting someone, and they are friendly creatures so they wouln't know swear words IC.. such as "fuck". And it doesn't make much sense for them to insult someone

      2. Being an "Evil" vortigaunt character, as I pointed before vortigaunts are friendly creatures, they are not really friendly when in combat with combine, but they don't attack a human for no reason, the vortiugants are with humans for only one single reason: Freedom. The vortiugants want to help rebels defeat the combine. So basically, vortigaunts are NOT evil, and yes, they won't attack other humans for just simply "harassing them" (even though harassing a vortigaunt is failrp and breaks fearrp) the only enemy to vortiugants are the Combine, (and zombies/antlions ofcourse..) so they wouldn't kill a normal human.

      3. Being a "traitor" to other vortigaunts as a vortigaunt: So I once saw a vortigaunt telling me that someone is betraying us, "in our kin" aka other vortiugant, and he is a bitoic, this doesn't make sense AT ALL. Enslaved vortiugants are captured by the combine, and those enslaved vortiugants also hate the combine, but they fear them because they have chains around their body parts, and can't use their powers. BUT! if a CP tells a biotic (aka an enslaved vortiugant) to tell where is his "brothers" locations, he wouldn't. Vortiugants are brothers and are risking their own lives to save their brothers, so being a "traitor" as a vortigaunt to other vortigaunts is stupid.

      4. Breaking FearRP: Vortiugants are not rambos, nor beasts, they do fear, as I said before.  A single vortiugant can't go around kill combine, atleast a group of 3-5 is realistic, and doesn't really break FearRP. So vortiugants don't go around killing everyone, fearRP also exists for them.. and no don't say like "oh they beams they can kill you easily" If 3 CP's are aiming their guns at a vortigaunt the vortigaunt would fear, his "beam" is not a killing machine.

      What are the Vortigaunts:
      Vortigaunts are creatures born in their homeworld (their homeworld name is unknown) And no, they are NOT from Xen, they are from their unknown planet, they were living in peace, however.. the Combine attacked their planet and destroyed it for unknown purposes, Vortiugaunts couldn't kill the powerful Combine, so they just had to flee to Xen, Xen is a place where you can travel accross dimensions (aka other planets) They were trying to find freedom, however, the Nihilanth was the leader of Xen, and so Vortiugants are now under control of the Nihilanth, they work as slaves for him. Then.. an interesting thing happened, the famous Black Mesa incident, Black Mesa incident caused a patrol between Xen and Earth, so the Nihilanth has ordered the vortigaunts to go to earth and take control of it, and kill all living forms, when they were teleported to Black Mesa, they started killing humans and yes.. the vortigaunts were enemies against the humanity once, but.. the Combine kept a close eye on Earth, and considred this is the best time to control Earth, Earth's forces were weak because of Xen creatures attacking humanity, so it's the Combine's chance to attack, but.. before the Combine attacked the Earth, G-man activated a nuke bomb to destroy Black Mesa, so Black Mesa is nuked now. Alot of vortigaunts were killed, however not all vortigaunts wen't to Black Mesa, the patrol between Xen and Earth when the incident happened, it was teleporting Vortigaunts and other Xen creatures randomly around the Earth,Gordan Freeman killed the Nihilanth so vortiugants are now free. But... when the Combine attacked Earth, vortigaunts wee afriad of them as they destroyed their homeworld, the vortigaunts trying to hide under the sewers, as if they go to the surface they will be shot, the vortigaunts are now working with humans, and are somewhat happy because the Nihilanth is dead, so vortigaunts are now working with rebels, assisting them, risking their lives. The vortigaunts talk in vortigese language and a little bit of No so-normal English. It's impossible to learn Vortigaunts' language so only Vortigaunts can understand each other when talking in Vortigese. The vortigaunts don't talk in English to them selves, they only talk in English to humans. 

      How to Roleplay as a Vortigaunt & How to speak like one:
      The vortiugants speak in ye olde English, they talk in English in a weird way so if you're an idiot IC you wouldn't really understand them, so instead of them saying "Hello, how are you?" they say "Greetings, how is the human?" and they refer to other vortiugants as "Brothers", There are 3 types of vortigaunts, the Elders, The younglings and the normal vortigaunts. I'll explain those below. Enslaved Vortigaunt: These vortigaunts were enslaved by the combine and do labor work like cleaning the streets of garbage. They drag their feet around and have a hunched posture for the most part. At the end of Half Life 2 Ep 2 any surviving enslaved vortigaunts had the chance of escape from the city. They have their shackles on them and have a low chance of survival in the outlands with them on unless they found a safe route or were led and protected by someone until they got their shackles taken off.   Youngling: Younglings are young vortigaunts or vortigaunts that just escaped the combine. If a vortigaunt has a very weak connection to the vortessence they are considered a youngling. Younglings are taught the vortessence by an Elder   Novice: Novice vortigaunts are vortigaunts that were taught the basics of the vortessence. They can create a small green light in their hands to illuminate dark areas, they can heal small cuts and minor infections and repair scars.   Apprentice: Apprentice vortigaunts are vortigaunts that are currently being taught major skills to have a greater connection to the vortessence. They can heal minor bullet wounds, power electronic devices for a few minutes and they have better healing skills.   Adept: These vortigaunts have the skills and connection to shoot vorti blasts, use shields that stop bullets going slower than the sound barrier, power electric items for a day, stop diseases, major infections, second degree burns and make other humans regain consciousness.   Elder: Elders are vortigaunts that have mastered all aspects of the vortessence and are now teaching other vortigaunts to call upon the vortessence. They are teachers to all vortigaunts that need it. In Half Life 2, you see purple vortigaunts with blue eyes. Elder vortigaunts are able to reach this state with deep meditation.
      The vortiguants purpose is try to survive, they wouldn't risk their lives because they want to kill Combine, and vortigaunts musn't scam anyone as I said plenty of times they are friendly, they kill combine usually in self-defence.

      As for more on how to speak as a Vortigaunt, for example as a vortigaunt if you want to say "why did you do that" you say "Why did the human do such thing?" etc.. their way of speaking English is kinda weird, and they don't really speak TOO much, for example if they agree with something, they would just nod their head, and if they disagree with it, they would just shake their head, simple. The vortigaunts wouldn't waste too much time with humans doing nothing, they prefer to talk with other vortigaunts.
    • ZeroXGaming    Altis Life Rules   1 - General Guidelines 1.1 Under NO circumstances are you to engage in or use any form of cheating, bug abuse, external scripting, glitching, duplicating, or any 3rd party software that provides a member with an advantage. 1.2 ZeroxGaming does NOT Tolerate any form of discrimination i.e (Sex, Gender, Race, Age etc)   1.3 Any and all forms of Aggressive or Rude behaviour towards others, regardless of status, is not acceptable. 1.4 Under NO circumstances can you attempt to mislead or influence others regarding your identity, rank or standing within the community.   2 - Failed Role-Play 2.1 At all times you must remain 'in character'. 2.2 Any form of evading role-play such as killing yourself or breaking character will be seen as Failed Role-Play. 2.3 Players who do not have a weapon or are not in a group with armed people are considered unarmed are not to be killed, unless conditions are not met: Player has attempted to steal or damage your, or your gangs, property. OR The player fails to comply with your demands. (Declaration Rules are below) 2.4 Executions can be done in the following situations; You are conveying a message to the public or Silencing a witness. 2.5 Any actions that are done with the intention of interrupting or interfering with role-play or the actions is seen as trolling and Failed role-play. 2.6 All players are allowed to be corrupt. You may sell gear to players you have NO affiliation with or let people go for money. However this might go against COP or EMS SOP's and if caught will be dealt with internally. 2.6.1 Buying items on Cop and giving to your friends/gang is not being corrupt, it is seen as exploiting. 2.7 The only way to get out of jail is by serving the time, paying bail or escaping. Glitching through walls or objects will be classed as Failed RP and Exploiting and dealt with by Senior Staff.   3 - Declarations  3.1 Declarations must be done via Voice or Texts (On Phone). Voice declarations cannot be done on a vehicle moving faster than 20 km/h. 3.1.1 Enough time (30 seconds) must be given for the declaration to be acknowledged. 3.1.2 If the person changes behaviour to comply with the demands you cannot shoot them. However if there is no change of behaviour or a change on behaviour that is not to do with the demands, you can shoot them. 3.2 Declarations last a maximum of 10 after hostile actions cease. 3.3 All declarations must include the following: Intentions (e.g This is a Robbery), Demands (What they should do e.g Place your hands on your head), and a Consequence (e.g Or you will be Shot). 3.4 A declaration on one member of a gang/faction is a declaration on all members of the gang/faction wearing the same tag/clothing. 3.5 All declarations on Police must be done via Direct Communication or via a Dispatch Message (On Phone). 3.5.1 All declarations via Police Dispatch must include a Location, a Vehicle (If applicable), and a Demand. 3.6 You may not declare on EMS. No Exceptions. You may give them orders, e.g Leave the area. However declarations for robbery's etc. are not allowed. 3.7 You may not declare on someone within a Safezone.  3.7.1 If you have declared on someone and they flee into City Limits then you can continue the engagement within the City. Once the declaration is over, you must make all attempts to leave the City. 3.8 Gang tags must be located in front of your name enclosed in either [.] or separated with a line (|). E.g [FFR] Dave or FFR | Dave   4 - Random Death Match (RDM) 4.1 Killing any player without a Valid Declaration will be seen as RDM. 4.2 Killing a player without providing enough time to comply with the demands of the declaration. Unless they change their behaviour to not comply with the demands, e.g Pulling a Gun, Driving away etc. 4.3 Shooting into a KOS Zone from outside and killing a player will be seen as RDM. 4.4 Killing a member of EMS will be seen as RDM. 4.5 Killing an incapacitated or knocked out person will be seen as RDM. 4.6 If you are caught in the cross-fire of an active declaration will be not be seen as RDM.    5 - Vehicle Death Match (VDM) 5.1 The use of a vehicle to cause harm, damage, gain an unfair advantage will be seen as VDM. 5.2 Running someone over with the intent to flee/evade is not seen as VDM. 5.3 Armour vs Armour vehicle ramming is allowed when you are engaged in an active declaration. Ramming can only occur when both parties are in the vehicle. Players who are rag dolled outside the vehicle is immune until the animation is over, only applies when cause by opposition party. 5.3.1 Air vs Ground ramming is strictly prohibited. 5.3.2 Un-armored vehicles cannot be used to ram any other vehicle.   6 - Value Life Rule (VLR) 6.1 At all times you must ensure you act in a way that value's your life. This includes all Police & EMS. 6.2 You are not to shoot friends or gang members who are in custody or jail to get them out of their punishment. This is seen as FRP and VLR. 6.3 You are not to intentionally get yourself killed to escape a faction. 6.4 You may role-play as a character who is suicidal.   7 - New Life Rule (NLR) 7.1 The New Life Rule applies to all factions (Civilian, Police and EMS) 7.2 After dying, you may not return to within 2km of your death location until 15 minutes have passed. 7.3 If you die to RDM or a Glitch, New Life Rule does not apply. However, you must first seek approval from a Staff Member by messaging them in-game or on Teamspeak. Failure to seek approval will result in you breaching the New Life Rule and the appropriate punishment will be given. 7.4 You may not shoot or look into the area you died. 7.5 If you are revived NLR does not apply. 7.6 If you retain information from your past life you must not act on it. E.g Knowing that people are going to a drug dealer. You may not go to the drug dealer.   8 - Safezones and City Limits 8.1 There is to be no hostile acts whilst within a Safezone, includes Civilian to Civilian Restraining, Cop & Rebel Safezones. 8.2 You cannot flee into a Safezone when in an active declaration. Only exception is Cop vs Rebel encounters where the declaration is called off should either party return to their Safezone (Cop PD or Rebel Outpost). This exception is void if during a Bank the police return to PD to consolidate their forces. 8.3 Safezones are marked with Green and Blue circles. 8.4 Stealing or Damaging a player property within a Safezone is not allowed. This includes Lockpicking. 8.5 You cannot airlift a vehicle from within city limits. Only exception is if you own the vehicle and it is from the Air Garage. 8.6 You may not bring in rebel gear into City Limits. This includes vehicles, vests, and all 6.5+mm weapons. 8.7 Police can kill anyone who has rebel vehicles, gear, and weapons within City Limits. However this should be a last resort. 8.8 Zones marked with RED circles are KOS Zones. Anyone within these areas, except EMS, may be killed on-sight. You may not be outside the KOS Zone and shoot inside the zone, if this is done it is seen as RDM. 8.9 Engagements that start within the KOS Zone can be continued outside the KOS Zone.    9 - Robberies 9.1 There must be a minimum of X police online to do a ANZ Robbery. For a Federal Reserve Robbery there must be X police online. 9.2 Any hostile action done to either the bank robbers or the police responding to the bank done by an unrelated gang/third party will be considered RDM. 9.3 ANZ Bank robberies all have a 1 Hour cool-down, and Federal Reserve have a X hour cool-down before they can be robbed again. 9.4 Declarations for Banks and Fed only go within the immediate area of the bank, combat in areas deemed unreasonable may be seen as a rule break. With exceptions with Snipers within 2km of the robbery. 9.5 There cannot be more than 15 gang members on at one time (under the same tags) partaking in the same activities. 9.6 Gangs must rob the banks for the purpose of robbing it and must attempt or role-play an escape once the bank is over. They can’t wait around for the pleasure of killing police officers. This will be seen as Fail RP. 9.7 Touching off a bank robbery and running away for the benefit of baiting cops or annoying other players will be seen as Fail RP. 9.8 If you disconnect for any reason during a bank, you cannot return and engage in the situation. Unless you have staff permission.   10 - Hostage Rules 10.1 Hostage taking is when you hold someone against their will. There are rules regarding hostage taking which you must follow at all times. 10.2 A player can not be held for any longer than 20 minutes, unless a formal negotiation has been initiated with the police, or with the player being held hostage. 10.3 When in a hostage situation, each life is considered to be worth a maximum of $250k. This can be in the form of vehicles, items and money. 10.4 Hostages can only be executed if your negotiation demands are not met. 10.5 A player can not be demanded to hand over anything 'virtual' such as vehicle keys and virtual items. 10.6 Negotiations are called off via speech, text (On Phone) or gunfire. This means if you are a hostage taker & are shot by a police sniper. Tough Luck. 10.7 NPC's cannot be taken as Hostage.   11 - Gang Rules 11.1 Players are allowed to play with other gangs besides their own, however, a maximum of three unofficial gang members are allowed in each group. 11.2 All gangs should become recognised on the gang section on the Altis Life Forum. 11.3 All gang members must have the same Tags, and the same or similar clothing to identify them as the same gang. 11.4 Copying other gangs gang tags is strictly prohibited. 11.5 Copying other gangs clothing is strictly prohibited. 11.6 Gangs are not to make official alliances. Only small favours & bribes if appropriate RP is involved. eg. Blackmailing enemy gang to spill info on another Gang, Temporary Peace Deals. 11.7 All gang members are required to be wearing the same, or similar clothing to identify them as the same gang. 11.8 Rebel Gangs are not permitted within City Limits (Unless performing a City Takeover). 11.9 For a Rebel Gang to be eligible for a City Takeover they must have completed the following:  - Be an Officially Recognised Gang (Apply on Gangs Section on Altis Life Forum) - Have completed a Hostage Situation within the last 7 days (Hostage handed to APF alive). - Have completed a ANZ Bank within the last 7 days. - Have completed a Federal Reserve within the last 7 days. 11.10 For a City Takeover to be attempted, the gang must see an Administrator or Above with proof that they have done all of the above for the Administrator to approve the Takeover. 11.11 A group of random, un-associated civilians are not permitted to team up and attack the police unless they have created a gang, have the right gang tags, and have similar clothing to identify them as one group. 11.12 Gang tags must be located in front of your name enclosed in either [.] or separated with a line (|). E.g [FFR] Dave or FFR | Dave.   12 - Metagaming 12.1 Metagaming is a term used in role-playing games, which describes a player's use of real-life knowledge to determine their character's actions. Teamspeak can be classified as In-Game communications for RP purposes. 12.2 When restrained you are automatically stripped of all communication devices. This means you may not relay positions or talk actively in Teamspeak when you are restrained. 12.3 Any information obtained by means outside of the game (e.g Discord etc.) will be seen as Metagaming and the punishment will be determined by severity of the Rule Break.   13 - Combat Logging 13.1 The act of combat logging is the aborting of your current session to escape role-play situations and/or staff. 13.2 Disconnecting to avoid the respawn timer is also seen as Combat Logging. 13.3 If you Game Crashes or you Lose Connection you are to return to the situation you were in before the crash. Failure to do so will result in a punishment of Combat Logging being given. 13.4 If you have to log out while in combat or role-play with another player message them asking to disconnect. If they agree it is not seen as Combat Logging. Intentionally Disconnecting to avoid situations or the respawn timer will result in more severe punishments being given.   14 - Police Rules 14.1 All rules regarding the police are within the Police SOP's HERE. Therefore any breach of Police SOP will be dealt with INTERNALLY.  14.2 All police SOP breaches should be taken to APF Command. Unless it breaches server rules as well.   15 - EMS Rules 15.1 All rules regarding EMS are within the EMS SOP's HERE. Therefore any breach of EMS SOP's will be dealt with INTERNALLY. 15.2 All EMS SOP breaches should be taken to EMS Command. Unless it breaches server rules as well.     By Playing On Our Services, You Agree To All Rules In Place.   ZeroXGaming reserves the right to update/add/remove parts of these rules at any time and that it is the responsibility of the player to remain up-to-date. Newly Added sections will be GREEN for 7 days after their addition. Updated sections will be ORANGE for 7 days after the update. Sections Planning to be removed will be RED for 7 Days before their removal.    
    • APF Enrolment form   Name: Teamspeak Name: Age: Hours on Arma 3: Steam ID 64: Steam Profile: Hours As Recruit:   Have You Read And Understood The Server Rules?:   Have You Ever Received A Ban With Us?:   You Need A Referral From A SNR Constable + List Their Name Below @name   Why Should We Choose You Over Others (30 word min)?:   Why Do You Want To Become A Police Officer(30 word min)?:   Have You Read And Understood The Australian Federal Police Handbook?:(Y/N)   Do You Understand That Applying For The AFP Your Application Can Take Some Time To Be Looked At And If You Ask About Your Application You Will Be Instantly Denied (Y/N)  
    • Compensation Request Form Compensation requests are mainly for members who are playing on the Australia Life server who lose an item due to a server bug/issue.  These members should then follow the below template to provide staff with enough information and evidence to be able to compensate the member for what they lost. For a request to be considered there must be sufficient evidence provided to the lose of the item and the value of the item at that time.   Please name your request: Your Name - Compensation Request   Your Name:   Steam GUID (Steam 64ID):   Date of Incident:   What happened in the Incident:   Items Lost:   Monetary Value of Items Lost:   Evidence:   By Placing an compensation request you are not entitled to compensation. Compensation requests will be processed by staff above the position of Administrator, and they will reply to your request with the outcome.      
    • ZeroXGaming Ban Dispute Form For your dispute to be reviewed by staff you need to ensure that all the details in this form are correct, and that all questions are answered to the best of your knowledge. Staff who were not involved in the incident or punishment will be assigned to review the evidence brought forward regarding you case. New evidence may be reviewed, this is done on a case by case basis. By placing a Ban Dispute you need to be contactable by the review team to discuss your dispute, if you are not able to be contacted then your dispute will be denied.  If the Independent Staff reach the same conclusion as the original staff member then the punishment will remain. If a new conclusion is reached then that conclusion will be enforced, if that is a reduced punishment or the punishment being removed.
      Please name your post: Your Name - Ban Dispute   Name:   Service Banned On (Game Server/Teamspeak/Forums):   Steam GUID (If Applicable):   Date of you Ban:   Reason for your Ban:   Staff Member who Banned You:   Why should you be unbanned?   By placing a Ban Dispute you agree that you are not guaranteed that your ban will be lifted.      
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