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    ZeroXGaming Teamspeak General Guidelines These rules apply to ALL ZeroXGaming Services, including all game servers, Forums and Teamspeak. ZeroxGaming does NOT Tolerate any form of discrimination i.e (Sex, Gender, Race, Age etc) Any and all forms of aggressive or rude behaviour towards others is not acceptable. Under NO circumstances can you attempt to mislead or influence others regarding your identity, rank or standing within the community. You may not engage in any form of trolling, baiting, ridicule or antagonistic towards any member of the community. 1.1 Whilst on the ZeroXGaming Teamspeak you may not record the conversations in any channels without the express permission of ALL members who are in the channel. You then are required to insert "Recording" into your Teamspeak name so that other members on the server are aware that you are recording. 1.2 You must respect all Staff and community members of the Community. 1.3 Do not copy the names of other members. E.g Jim 1, Jim 2, Jim 3 1.4 Do not spam whilst in channels (This includes channel hopping). 1.5 Voice converters/Voice Changers are NOT permitted whilst on ZeroXGaming Teamspeak. 1.6 Soundboards are not allowed without express permission of all members within the channel. 1.7 Only Gang Leaders may edit their respective Gang Channels. 1.8 No Verbal abuse or Messages to any Staff or Community Members. 1.9 If you are requested to do something by a Staff Member, No matter the rank, you MUST do it. If you do not you risk being punished for ignoring Staff Members. 1.10 You must have english characters in your Teamspeak Name. An example of of Non-english characters is 永久に禁止された ZeroXGaming Staff reserves the right to punish any member, regardless or rank or status, if it is deemed that the members has been displaying unacceptable behaviour that is not listed in the above rules whilst on the Teamspeak server. By Using Our Services, You Agree To All Rules In Place. ZeroXGaming reserves the right to update/add/remove parts of these rules at any time and that it is the responsibility of the player to remain up-to-date. Newly Added sections will be GREEN for 7 days after their addition. Updated sections will be ORANGE for 7 days after the update. Sections Planning to be removed will be RED for 7 Days before their removal.
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