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Hl2RP General Roleplay Guide

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First, ask yourself...


Do you know how to SeriousRP?

SeriousRP (Serious Roleplay) is a general name for game modes that involve roleplaying seriously. To play SeriousRP, simply act realistic to the situation when in character. The difference between DarkRP and SeriousRP is that in SeriousRP it's all about the roleplay, not items. This means no printers, limited guns, and roleplay. You should develop your character like a person, make a story for him/her.


Do you know what's HL2RP?

HL2 (Half life 2) is relatively self explanatory for those who've played the game. The Combine empire, an alien empire, takes over Earth and it's resources in only a short seven hours. Wallace Breen has been announced as the administrator of Earth. Survivors of the seven hour war have been dressed into citizen outfits and are to do whatever the Combine say. In order to assert their power, they've employed citizens into Civil Protection, or the Metropolitan Police Force (MPF). They're also called CCA, or Combine Civil Authority. They frequently abuse their powers. (Not to mention, they're mean.) Note, this is the time before Gordon Freeman, a hero that sparks a majority of resistance movements. So, the human race in the time line that you're playing in is still enslaved.


Do you know what's the difference between OOC and IC?

Something that might be a little more understandable by DarkRPers.

OOC - Out of Character. This relates to things that aren't serious/aren't pertaining to the roleplay or is IRL.

IC - In character. This is information pertaining to the roleplay ingame. Your character, actions, etc.



First Steps.


Alright, now that you've got a little bit of an introduction, here's the meat of the sandwich.


LOOC - Begin with using LOOC. Local Out of Character. This is an out of character chat that goes to nearby players. To dispense an LOOC text, start your sentence with either .// or [[. You'll know you're doing this right if you see a red "[LOOC]" next to your name in yellow. A common mistake would be forgetting to put the period in. This will be used to talk OOC messages that don't pertain to things IC.


Global OOC - As the OOC part of the name implies, it's for OOC purposes, just like LOOC. The difference between LOOC and this, is that GOOC sends a message to everyone in the server rather than having a limited radius. Start sentences off with // to give out a OOC message to all players on the server. There is a delay to this, so don't use this as a replacement for LOOC. You know you're doing this right if you see a red "[OOC]" next to your name.


The /me system - This is how you do performances in the game. The /me system is best described as a "perform -> react" performance system. Before you start beating the crap out of people by using your first person shooter skills, make sure you wait for a reaction from your opponent. When in combat, you use /me's in order to do actions, but the opponent should react to those actions.


Use some common sense in here. Dinosaur vs child = Dinosaur wins. Gun vs Fist = Gun wins. This concept is called Play to Lose (P2L), make sure you don't force actions upon others, and only use information that your character would ICly know. You can practically win battles without even throwing an OOC punch to damage the other player's health. If you're in combat, here's some examples of good and bad /me's.


Good - /me attempts to throw a right hook towards his opponent's left cheek.


Bad - /me attempts to kill the man or /me jumps the man, punches him, then throws him off a roof.


Notice that I've used "attempts" in order to prevent powergaming (forcing actions), and I'm also specific enough in order for my opponent to react specifically. /me's can be used for things other than combat, such as normal performances as stated before. So, something simple.Like: /me kneels down to pick up a can.


Unlike combat /me's, these usually don't involve combat or player interaction. If it involves player interaction that has any sort of chance in it, use "attempts".


S2RP -  you S2M (shoot to miss to provide a better RP experience) and S2RP (use /me's only) unless everyone agrees to S2K. (Shoot to Kill).


F2 Recognition System - You'll notice that F2 will bring up three options, each holding different radius. This basically lets people know your name.


F1 Menu - The F1 menu is a menu to check your CID, your tokens, types of emotes, the lie down option, your physical description, etc.


Tab Menu - Much of this is self explanatory. This holds inventory, settings, etc.


PKs - PKs are Permanent Kills. If you die legitimately ICly, you lose your character forever. The admins decide whether you get PKed or not.



Yeah, the rules here.


If an member of Server Authority seems that a RP scenario is disrupting other RP or another reasonable reason  that a staff may provide. Then said staff may make a RP scenario S2K after one more /me. Eg. A man is holding a Cp hostage, 3 cps are surrounding the man and there is no other CPs to keep the area cohesive, then the suspect may do one more /me after that /me the RP scenario will turn S2K.


Metagaming - Taking information given OOCly and using it ICly in order to gain an IC advantage. This means if you hear something from an OOC chat, you shouldn't use that info for IC. Only use the knowledge your character has been subjected to.


Powergaming - Forcing actions upon others. This includes things like /me punches the man down and kills him. Make sure to put "attempts" in order to wait for a reaction.


Mingerunning - Running crazily around in an unrealistic manner while having no sense of RP or intention to RP.


Avoiding RP - Trying to avoid roleplay. Punchwhoring - Punching people without roleplay.


Minging - I think you know what this means. Being a nuisance, messing around, etc.



How do I raise my weapons/fists?

Hold "r".


How do I drop tokens?

/droptokens or /givetokens or the f1 menu.


How do I contact admins?

Start sentences with @ to contact administrators, operators, or SAs.


Will I get PKed if I die?

We use a PK system that depends on how good your roleplay or what scenario you're in. If your character is well developed, you're a good roleplayer, and you aren't in a special death, then it should be fine. NLRs are given for most of these situations. Remember, the server respects grammar when you're talking ICly. Without it, your first impression will be that of a minge's. Make a story for your character, get him something worth talking about. Be realistic, don't minge, good luck, enjoy your stay at the server!

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