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EMS Discipline Appeal Template

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Emergency Medical Services

Discipline Appeal

Have you been disciplined by the EMS Command Team? Do you disagree with their decision? Then please place a Discipline Appeal and the Command Team will review all the evidence and may change your punishment or remove it completely. 

If you were Blacklisted then you must appeal the decision within 14 days. Failure to do so will result in you having to Re-Apply for the EMS. 

Appeal Template:

Name Your Post: Your Name - Discipline Appeal

Your Name (Name on EMS Database):

Your Rank:

Badge Number:

Reason for Discipline:

Why do you do what you did:

Why should you be allowed back into the EMS:


Thank You for placing a Discipline Appeal. A member of the Command Team will attempt to reply to your Appeal within 7 days. - Regards, Kurtiz | Chief of EMS.




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